Project Description

The Startup Nation

Israel, which is also known as “Startup Nation”, is a global agglomerate of innovation and entrepreneurship. Impressive number of large-scale acquisitions, high-tech companies, international VC funds and global corporations presence, along with the “Israeli mindset”, makes Israel as one of the most interesting economies to study in depth.

Be prepared

Care to learn more on the Israeli market? I’m happy to present you with my three hours workshop on the Israeli economy and innovation. From its geopolitical background, to the startup ecosystem components that makes Israel a unique entrepreneurial environment.

What makes this small country a leader in the global high-tech market? Is it really “a promised land” for R&D?

Participants will get highlights about the main innovative branches and its representatives, as well as a look into successful startups that are worth looking at.

As the only democratic state in the Middle East, Israelis has their own style of making business, my seminary will prepare you to get and build business relations with Israeli businesses, following the go-getter Israeli mindset.

Organizing a relevant event and looking for interesting, practical added value content? My workshop can be customised to your audience needs (focusing on specific industries and technologies that matches best with your participants).


Organizer and lecturer


Preparing customised workshop’s agenda
Preparing materials for participants
Organising an online, real-time meeting with the Israeli startup ecosystem proffesional


Creating the opportunities for getting the knowledge about the specific Israeli market and support participants with first time go to the market contact points

Let’s Work Together

Sounds interesting? Contact me for more information and join the customised business workshops about the Israeli startup ecosystem.