Project Description

Marketing Communication

It was a two years journey that brought me to the new-technology and innovation scene in Poland and worldwide. From the beginning of 2016 until 2018, when I decided to made personal and professional changes, I was working for one of the most known Polish venture capital fund – SpeedUp Group. We managed to be an important part of one of the fastest growing environment of innovations in Europe.  My responsibilities run around building and developing solid relationships with various business partners such as investors, corporate bodies, governmental institutions, NGOs, and vendors in order to aid business support and growth.

Very fast I found myself into startup bee-hive community and developed my networking skills on a way that opened for me brand new possibilities.


Marketing&Event Specialist


Builded and Developed investor and business partners relations.

Startup scouting.

Overall tasks that regards marketing and public relations activities and media representatives (press releases, relations building).

Event production.

Organizing and supporting activities and events focused on Polish startup ecosystem (entrepreneurs, investors, corporations, government’s institutions, business supporting organizations).

Internal company communications and relation building between coworkers and portfolio companies (on-boarding, inner newsletters, integration events and workshops organizing).

Supported Polish R&D project founders and builded bridges between science and business departments.


Provided marketing solutions based on a solid strategy to achieve operational objectives through workable plans.


Let’s Work Together


If you look for a business partner, an investor, an innovative solution, or want to organize a marvellous event, business meetup, or if you want to make your company’s reach the right target with the proper marketing and PR strategy, feel free to contact me.